What is a pull chain switch?

A pull chain switch is a type of switch activated by the pull of a chain or string. You can find pull chains commonly in use with ceiling fans and other overhead lighting systems. HomElectrical has a wide selection of pull chain lengths, with some offerings going up to a 100 foot spool!

How to add a switch to a pull chain light?

Before conducting electrical work by yourself, it is always a good idea and recommended to hire a professional electrician. Some tips that might make the process easier:

  • Make sure the power is ALWAYS off before beginning any electrical work. Using a voltage tester to double check that the power is off before starting is recommended.
  • When you measure the distance from your fixture to your new switch, it’s always a good idea to have an extra foot of wire in case you need more.
  • When connecting white wires, make sure to “re-code” them by marking them black with a wire marking, signifying that they are now a hot wire.

How do I fix a pull chain light switch?

Fixing a pull chain switch for your ceiling fan or light is incredibly easy and can be done DIY. If you do not feel comfortable hire an electrician to perform the repairs. Some steps you might take when repairing your ceiling fan are:

  • Step 1: Determine if your pull chain repair job is internal or external.
  • - If external, simply attach a pull switch extension to the broken end. If internal, follow the rest of the steps
  • Step 2: Turn off the electricity running to your ceiling fan before touching or getting close to any wires
  • Step 3: Open the base of your ceiling fan. Remove the bulbs and screws and set them aside
  • Step 4: Remove the metal collar holding
  • Step 5: Pull out the fan chain switch unit and cut the 3-4 wires holding it in place. Leaving at least 2 inches of wire makes it easier to install a new pull chain switch
  • Step 6: Strip the previously cut wires to allow for a connection with a new chain pull switch.
  • Step 7: Connect the wires from your new pull switch to your ceiling fan, make sure to top each connection with a wire nut to keep these new connections securely in place
  • Step 8: Once securely in place, thread the new pull chain through the hole and reassemble your ceiling fan
  • Step 9: Turn the power back on and test the new pull chain
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