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Protect your cords and cables from vehicle and foot traffic with cord covers! Cord covers come in a variety of styles, including heavy or light duty, various load capacities, and different channel options to fit your needs. Find the perfect cord protector or cable management system at HomElectrical!

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What are cord covers?

Cable covers, also called cable guards or cord protectors, help protect cords, prevent tripping hazards, and even protect against traffic that passes over them. Cord covers create a barrier between the vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the cord themselves. They're also great for concealing unorganized cords and you can find ones whose design complements an interior.

Where do you use cord covers?

Often, you can find cord covers in the home or office to protect TV video cable and home office wiring, home entertainment systems, cords for a wall mounted flat screen, or they may act as a TV cord cover. Many also work in a variety of jobsites. These cable protectors may protect cords in light or heavy-duty applications and can withstand different load capacities.

  • Light Duty - generally intended to withstand foot traffic though certain light duty cord covers can protect against light vehicle traffic. Light duty cord covers work well in homes, offices, retail spaces, and certain worksites.
  • Heavy Duty - can withstand heavy duty work, like vehicle traffic. These cord covers work well in on-the-job applications like warehouses. Depending on the cable cover and the size of the channel, they may protect cables, wires, pipes, and hoses.

What types of cord covers exist?

You can find a wide variety of cord covers to fit your needs, including:

  • Drop Over - work by 'dropping' or placing the cord cover directly over the cords you wish to protect. These cord covers usually do not secure tightly to the ground and typically work best in light duty applications.
  • Angled - allow you to hide cords along angled areas or corners.
  • Sidewinder - works well in areas where small obstacles, like furniture, can prevent the cord from traveling in a straight line. Depending on the type, a sidewinder cord cover kit can protect against foot traffic and light vehicle traffic.
  • High Volume - extends a certain size of junction box. These cord protectors allow you to cover wires sticking out of the box without needing to fit them under a flat cover plate.
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