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A little scratch here, a little bump there, or a manual missing here and there means you can find quality electrical equipment available at discounted and clearance prices. Take advantage of these big discounts to find the perfect LED light bulb to brighten your home, a thermostat to accurately control the temperature, stunning wall plates, and much more. Shop HomElectrical’s sales and clearance section to save big on your next project!

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King Innovation Alumiconn 2-Port Lug (Aluminum to Copper Wire), Pack of 100
Two-port, tin-plated lug is a cost-effective solution for long-term repairs involving aluminum wiring. Secure, mechanical lug is designed for aluminum...
$380.43Case of 100
King Innovation 8-IN Black UV Weather Resistant Cable Zip Ties
Heavy duty cable ties are ideal for landscape lighting on decks or trees, as well as any home, electrical, or...
$3.99Pack of 100
King Innovation 11-IN Nylon Cable Zip Ties, 50-LB Tensil Strength
Nylon cable ties are great for organizing and separating wires. Bent tip with v-shaped raised ridges ensure easy insertion and...
$4.99Pack of 100
King Innovation Contractor Choice Red Wing Wire Connector, Pack of 500
King Innovation Red Winged Wire Connectors are easily installed, with no pre-twisting required and winged design provides comfort during application....
$26.50Pack of 500
King Innovation 14-IN Black UV Weather Resistant Cable Zip Ties
High-performance nylon cable ties are ideal for landscape lighting, home, electrical, or any other fastening needs. Smooth, rounded edges offer...
$5.99Pack of 100
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