Beverage & Wine Cooler

Keep your canned beverages or wine bottles at exactly the right temperature with a beverage & wine cooler! Browse the collection of beverage and wine refrigerators, as well as combo units to find the one that fits your needs. Shop HomElectrical and find the perfect energy efficient beverage or wine bottle refrigerator today!

What is a beverage cooler?

A beverage cooler, also called a beverage refrigerator or beverage center, stores canned beverages and keeps them cool. They typically include a see-through glass door to display your beverage options, and some also use interior lights. Advantages of using a beverage fridge include saving space in your main refrigerator and having access to beverages in your specific entertainment area.

Options include a built-in or freestanding beverage refrigerator. A built-in unit features a font vent so it can install in cabinets, covered on 3 sides. Some models can even install outside, allowing you to enjoy a cool drink in the middle of summer. The can capacity may range anywhere from 60 cans to almost 200 cans.

What is a wine cooler?

A wine cooler stores wine bottles at a set temperature to ensure optimum aging and freshness. Some wine cooler models include adjustable shelves that store bottles at an incline, which works well to showcase bottles or store open bottles. Bottle capacity may range from under 30 bottles to over 150 bottles.

A dual zone wine fridge allows you to control the temperature range of each zone separately, whereas a single zone model only uses one temperature for the entire unit. If you plan to store both reds and whites, consider a dual zone model since each type of wine requires a different storage temperature. White wine stores best between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while red wine stores best between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some units include both a wine and beverage fridge, which provides both a wine and beverage zone. They feature separate temperature zones with different designs in each zone to hold either bottles or cans.

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