Refrigerator & Freezer Combo

From beverages to ice cream, store cold and frozen items in a combo refrigerator & freezer. Convert your unit from one mode to another or use a dual zone unit to store cold and frozen food at the same time. At HomElectrical, it's easy to find the perfect convertible refrigerator or dual zone unit!

What is the difference between a convertible and a dual zone refrigerator/freezer?

A convertible freezer can operate as either a refrigerator or a freezer. Simply push a button to change the operation mode. These units add lots of extra flexibility. For example, you could use the refrigerator mode to store food and drinks before a party. You can use the freezer mode to freeze large quantities of food for later. Convertible units often see use in areas common for secondary food storage, such as basements. Garage-ready units ensure the unit works in extreme temperatures

Unlike a convertible unit, a dual zone unit includes two separate compartments: a refrigerator and a freezer. This allows you to store both chilled and frozen foods at the same time without converting the unit. However, they offer less space per compartment. While you can store both types of foods, you can’t store as much of each type.

What is the difference between a chest freezer and an upright freezer?

A chest freezer resembles a chest with a lift-up door. An upright freezer stands vertically with front opening doors. Chest freezers typically contain a removable storage basket or two. Upright freezers contain adjustable shelving. Chest freezers offer more cubic feet of storage, but they also take up more space. Upright freezers provide easy access to food. Chest freezers work better for long-term storage where you don’t have to take food out every day.

Many upright freezers offer an auto-defrost function for a frost-free operation. A chest freezer requires users to manually defrost it. Chest freezers offer the most energy-efficient option since they include an airtight seal at the top. They tend to last 5 years longer than their upright counterparts.

What is a portable freezer?

A portable freezer keeps food cold on-the-go as long as you can connect it to a power source. They often include both an AC and DC power cord so that they can connect to sources like generators, car batteries, your home, and even a solar panel. Unlike a cooler, a portable freezer includes a temperature control panel so you can keep your food exactly how you want it.

Many portable freezers also convert to refrigerators or include dual zones for both a refrigerator and freezer function. Portable freezers utilize a design that works well in motion , such as in an RV or camper. Many models still function even when tilted 30 degrees, without the internal fluids moving around.

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