5 Easy Winter Prep Checks for Your Heating System

How can I prevent heating problems during winter?

There are five basic heating system checks that help keep your warm air flowing during winter.

Heating Check #1: Connections and Intake

Airflow is a critical part of the heating process in your home. Make sure that gas-powered heating components are getting the right amount of fuel. Leave all vents open. Do not block vents with appliances, furniture, or fixtures. Your system takes air in from whatever is nearby. This includes items like pollen from plants or pet hair. It’s important to keep air intake spaces clear. If you don’t want to breathe it in, move it away from your fans, compressors, and return registers.

Heating Check #2: Monitor Your Pilot Light

Your furnace pilot light should be blue. If your flame is orange, turn the furnace off and contact a pro. Blue flames are hotter than orange flames. Losing your blue flame means your system is low on oxygen. A tech can help you safely fix this problem.

Heating Check #3: Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replacing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors helps keep your family safe. A working carbon monoxide detector will let you know when there may be a problem with your HVAC system. If something is wrong with your heating system, it can cause this deadly gas to build up inside your home. The highest number of carbon monoxide poisoning deaths take place during the winter months when your heating units are used the most. Early discovery can prevent injury or death.

Heating Check #4: Filters

Clean or replace your air filters. This helps decrease dirt in the air. Clean filters also keep your heating system working by making sure that healthy air can flow freely. An efficient system saves you money on utility bills and repair costs.

Heating Check #5: Strange Noises or Smells

Turn on your heat for a few minutes. Do you hear strange clicks or pops? Do you smell odd odors? If you do, it may be time to call a technician. An expert can help you find problems your system may be facing.


Before winter sets in, take time to check on your HVAC system or call a licensed repair professional to provide an inspection. Preventative care calls are often less expensive than repair calls. The investment in the prevention of problems is all it takes to make sure your family lives through a freezing winter in the comfort of a toasty home.

Warming up to the idea of preventative care? Tell us what you think!

Tenesha Curtis
Tenesha Curtis

Tenesha is a native of Louisville, Kentucky who transplant to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband in 2014. A bestselling thriller & self-help author, book editor, retired psychotherapist, and self-proclaimed cheese addict, Tenesha has a passion for cultivating writers and helping them publish screenwriting, novels, and poetry. As CEO and founder of Volo Press Books, Writerwerx.com, and Pleascentries, she assists authors with book planning, writing, editing, and book design, while also providing education for all text-based creatives.

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