13 Days of Halloween: Trash Bag Spider Web

By Anonymous

Trash Bag Spider Web!

For Day Seven of 13 Days Halloween, we made a quick tutorial for a trash bag spider web! This craft is very simple but adds a fun touch to your Halloween decorations.

Materials You Will Need:

materials needed for spiderweb

  • Trash bag (can be either black or white)
  • Marker (we recommend you pick a light colored marker if you are using a white bad otherwise the marker might bleed through)
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step One: Trash Bag Preparation

Make the trash bag square. Take the corner of the trash bag and fold it to make a triangle and then cut off the excess.

fold and cut the bag

Step Two: Folding

Fold the trash bag into a triangle three times or until it is a manageable size.

fold the bag

Step Three: Drawing

Use the marker to draw the spider web design on the triangle. Make sure you start from the design at the folded edge and draw out towards the open end.

Draw the spider web on the bag

Step Four: Taping

Use the tape to secure the open edge of the trash bag down. This will make it easier to cut because the trash bag is slippery.

Step Five: Cutting

Use the scissors to cut out the shaded part of the design. One you have finished cutting out your pattern, unfold and enjoy!

finished spider web

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