13 Days of Halloween: Spooky Picture Frame

Looking for an easy and cheap way to spook your friends and family members this Halloween? Try creating a spooky picture frame!
13 Days of Halloween
Spooky Picture Frame

What you will need:


Let's Get Started!

Step 1

Choose A Picture

Supplies Needed
Choose a picture you want to make creepy. We went with a vintage picture we found using Google. Of course you can use your own image of family, friends, or anything you want!

Step 2

Cut the Picture Out

Simply cut the picture out to fit your picture frame. You'll also want to tape or glue the picture to a piece of card stock the same size as your picture, for extra support.

Step 3

Darken the Image

Darkened Portrait
We used a combination of left over coffee grinds, water, and ink to age our picture. Lightly brushed it across the picture. Be careful not to saturate the picture too much. This enhanced the vintage look of the image.

Step 4

Cut the Eyes Out

Cut Eyes out of Image
Simply cut the eyes out of the person (or persons) in the picture you want to be lit up. Ideally, you want the holes to be about 1/4 of an inch.

Step 5

Light It Up!

Add Glow Stick

Crack the glow sticks and use them to cover the holes. Tape them down and then put the image into the picture frame. From here, just enjoy creeping out your friends and family!

Wattson Lumen
Wattson Lumen

Certified receptacle. Amped up electrical supplies enthusiast. International Popstar and unqualified lifequard. Wattson prefers to lighten your day with humor and led lights (Just don't ask him to jump in if you're drowning).

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