13 Days of Halloween: Safety Tips

The best way to insure everyone has a fun and memorable Halloween is to keep everyone safe. The team at HomElectrical decided to compile a list of safety tips that you can use for Halloween as part of our 13 Days of Halloween series!
13 Days of Halloween

Don’t wear an invisibility cloak (Use reflective tape on costumes)

Put reflective tape on your costumes and candy bags. This will help cars see you as you walk from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood. Certain costumes, like a grim reaper costume, are extremely difficult to see at night. With a few strips of reflective tape, the visibility of a trick-or-treater can skyrocket.

Elementary, my dear Wonka (Parents should inspect candy)

While many of the stories of poisoned candy are urban legends some tainted candy stories are true, it is better to be safe when accepting candy from strangers on Halloween. The best steps to take are to only accept store-bought candy with the original packaging. Also, parents should inspect the packaging at the end of the night to make sure the wrappers have not been tampered with. Parents of children with allergies, like a peanut allergy, should also make sure all of the candy is safe for their kid to eat.

Like Frankenstein’s monster says, “Fire. Bad.” (Wear flame-retardant costumes)

In a perfect world, people would decorate their houses with jack-o-lanterns that use battery-powered lights which mimic candle light, but we know this isn’t the case. Plenty of people still use a good, old-fashioned candles. Sure, it makes a jack-o-lantern look great but we have to think about the little trick-or-treaters out there with a cape or a tail. Accidents happen. Take preventative measures by buying costumes that are made out of flame retardant materials.

Stick together (Stay with your kids)

One thing parents need to remember every year for Halloween is to go with your kids. It is too easy to get lost or confused on Halloween when a child is running around with friends collecting candy. Parents need to walk house-to-house with their child so they can make sure their son or daughter will have an exciting evening without any worries. Have a spook-tacular Halloween this year!
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