13 Days of Halloween: Head in a Jar Halloween Prank

For Day Five of HomElectrical's 13 Days of Halloween we thought we would give you an easy and cheap, yet epic Halloween prank to pull on your friends! Try putting your head in a jar!
13 Days of Halloween

What you will need:


Let's Get Started:

Step 1

Strange Selfies

portrait image for Halloween Jar
Start by taking two photos of yourself, one portrait and one profile. Camera should be at eye level.
photo editor
With some quick help from almost any photo editing software, you can doctor the picture to fit your specifications.

Step 2

Prepare Your Head

Print and laminate the photo. We actually used clear packing tape that worked just as well. The plastic prevents water from permeating the picture.

laminated photo

Step 3

Prepare the Container

final jar
Fill jar with water and add coloring.
Wattson Lumen
Wattson Lumen

As a Georgia-born, amped up electrical supplies enthusiast, international Popstar, and unqualified lifequard, Wattson prefers to lighten your day with humor and led lights (Just don't ask him to jump in if you're drowning).

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