13 Days of Halloween: Frozen Ghostly Hand

By Anonymous on 11/04/2015

13 days of Halloween

For day six of our 13 Days of Halloween spooktacular, we're making frozen ghost hands that make the perfect ice cubes for your ghastly drink. So, if you are looking for some cool do-it-yourself party ideas, check out this cool how to guide!

finished ice hand

What you will need: 

frozen hand supplies

Let's Get Started: 

step one

Clean your Glove

First rinse the glove to rid any unwanted debris.

step two

Fill the Glove

fill balloon with water

Simply fill the glove with water, tie it off with the garbage bag tie and stick in the freezer.

step three

Freeze the Glove

frozen Glove

Once the water has frozen, cut the glove off and you've got a ghoulish way to keep your favorite haunted beverage cold!

finished ice hand


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