13 Days of Halloween: DIY LED Lanterns

By shakir_williams on 10/31/2017

diy lantern halloween

Today marks the last day in our 13 days of Halloween series, and do we have a treat for you! These DIY jack-o-lanterns can turn your trash into treasure in a few simple steps. Our team worked very hard putting these together, so without further ado, let’s get started!

What you will need:

diy lantern supplies

Let’s Get Started!

step one

Clean It!

Clean out all the juice, or bleach, or milk from the containers you wish to use.

milk jug diy lantern

step two

Get Creative!

Design your Jack-O-Lantern however you like. Using the sharpie, make an outline of a face on the flat side of the jug.

diy lantern halloweendiy lantern halloween

Fill it in!

Using a sharpie (preferably black), fill in the outline of your lantern

step three

diy lantern halloweendiy lantern halloween

step four

Check Out Your Work!

Set your jugs next to each other, and admire all of your great work!

diy lantern halloween

step five

Outline a Hole!

Using the same sharpie, outline a hole large enough for the flashlight to go through the bottom of the jug.

diy lantern halloween

step six

Cut a Hole!

Using a Box cutter, trace the outline on the bottom of the jug

diy lantern halloweendiy lantern halloween

step seven

Illuminate and Display!

Place the flashlight in the hole, and set your Jack-O-Lantern upright.

diy lantern halloweendiy lantern halloweendiy lantern halloweendiy lantern halloween

*Note* This works best in a dark room




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