13 Days of Halloween: DIY LED Lanterns

Today marks the last day in our 13 days of Halloween series, and do we have a treat for you! These DIY jack-o-lanterns can turn your trash into treasure in a few simple steps. Our team worked very hard putting these together, so without further ado, let’s get started!
13 Days of Halloween

What you will need:

  • Gallon Jugs
  • Box Cutter
  • LED Flashlight/Candle
  • Sharpie

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

Clean It!

Clean out all the juice, or bleach, or milk from the containers you wish to use.

Milk Jug

Step 2

Get Creative!

Design your Jack-O-Lantern however you like. Using the sharpie, make an outline of a face on the flat side of the jug.

DIY lantern

Step 3

Fill it in!

Using a sharpie (preferably black), fill in the outline of your lantern

DIY lantern
DIY Lantern
DIY Lantern

Step 4

Check Out Your Work!

Set your jugs next to each other, and admire all of your great work!

DIY Lantern

Step 5

Outline a Hole!

Using the same sharpie, outline a hole large enough for the flashlight to go through the bottom of the jug.

DIY Lantern

Step 6

Cut a Hole!

Using a Box cutter, trace the outline on the bottom of the jug

DIY Lantern
DIY Lantern

Step 7

Illuminate and Display!

Place the flashlight in the hole, and set your Jack-O-Lantern upright.

DIY Lantern
DIY Lantern
DIY Lantern
DIY Lantern
*Note* This works best in a dark room
Shakir Williams
Shakir Williams

A true creative with a penchant for the spiritual and natural order. She loves the Earth, almost as much as she loves writing about it.

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