13 Days of Halloween: Cardboard Box Crocodile Mask

As part of our 13 Days of Halloween, we wanted to show you how to make a great Halloween mask that doesn’t break the bank and looks amazing!
13 Days of Halloween
Cardboard Crocodile Mask

Crocodile Mask Need'Ems:


Let's Get Started!

Step 1

Mark up and Cut out the Croc Mouth!

Cutting Mask
Draw your crocodile mouth design on the box. With scissors, cut out the design. Save the parts you cut out because those will make great teeth, eyes, and nose pieces later.

Step 2

Glue Your Eyes and Nose!

Glue Teeth and Eyes
Cut out little triangles for your teeth and round ovals for your eyes. Once they are cut out, glue them in place!
Glued Crocodile Mask

Step 3

Cut out a hole for your head!

Hole for Head in Crocodile Mask
Make a spot for your head by cutting out a square in the bottom of your mask.

Step 4

Show Off Your Finished Mask!

Cardboard Crocodile Mask

You did it! You made an awesome crocodile cardboard mask! Take pictures and show your friends! Maybe make a bunch of masks for your family! It’s up to you!

Wattson Lumen
Wattson Lumen

As a Georgia-born, amped up electrical supplies enthusiast, international Popstar, and unqualified lifequard, Wattson prefers to lighten your day with humor and led lights (Just don't ask him to jump in if you're drowning).

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