12 Days of Christmas: How to Wrap a Gift

By Mark Watola on 12/15/2020

Do you find yourself giving gifts with gift bags and tissue paper? If you want to switch it up or want to learn new skills check out this guide to wrapping gifts.

Video by Mark Watola

Materials Needed:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Optional: Pen or pencil

Time: 5-10 minutes per gift

This is the easiest wrapping method for a box. For oddly shaped packaging, you can place it in a box, go with a gift bag, or use this guide as an outline and adapt as needed.

Gift Wrap

Unroll your wrapping paper and place the smallest side of the gift on the paper, close to the end-corner of the paper.

Gift Wrap

Measure each side of the box. “Roll” the small side onto the large side then onto the next smaller side. Mark with a pen or notch with scissors. Leave a little extra room for good measure.

Gift Wrap Gift Wrap

Place the box between the left edge and right marking on the edge close to you. Measure the other sides of the box by “rolling” the box away from you on each side of the box, toward the roll 4 times.

Mark with a pen or notch with scissors. Draw lines from the markings until they form a corner. Use the edge of the box to keep straight lines.

Gift Wrap

Next, carefully cut the paper from the roll.

Gift WrapGift Wrap

Place the box in the center and bring one side up and over the top of the box. Bring the other side over and tape the sides together.

Gift Wrap Gift Wrap

Now for sides. If there is excess paper, cut it away but make sure to have enough to cover the side of the gift. Create a 45-degree angle by pressing the sides of the paper toward the box.

Gift Wrap Gift Wrap

This creates two points. Bring them together and tape them down.

Gift Wrap

Repeat the previous steps for the other side.

Gift Wrap

Done! Now add ribbons and bows if you like. Remember the tags or labels so you know who the gift is going to!

Don’t expect to get it just right on your first try. Practice makes perfect. And remember, the paper will be torn away eventually. Have fun wrapping your presents!

Let us know if you have a certain way of wrapping your gifts in the comments below!