12 Days of Christmas: How to Make a Mason Jar Snowglobe

By mark_watola Last Updated On 12/24/2020

Snow globes make a nice souvenir or gift, but sometimes they can be pricey. If you want to make a custom snow globe for that special someone, check out this guide to learn how to make one right at home!

Materials Needed:

Mason Jar
Glue gun
Liquid clear glue

Time: 15-20 minutes

WARNING: When using hot glue, make sure not to burn yourself!

Remove the lid from the jar.

You might have guessed, but the lid of mason jar acts as the base of the snow globe. Arrange your decorations, like a small toy, on the lid as desired. Don’t use anything too valuable or delicate. Leave room around the edges so the lid will screw back on to the jar.

Placing figures on a jar lid

Once you have the lid arranged how you like, carefully glue down your setup using the glue gun.

Gluing figures to the jar lid

Add 2 ounces of clear liquid glue. This will allow the glitter to suspend in the water.

Stirring glue and water in the jar

Stir the water and glue with a spoon.

Stirring glitter and liquid mix in the jar

Add glitter and stir again with the spoon.

Gluing lid to the jar

Ensure the lid is dry. Place the lid on the jar and tightly secure it. Use glue as necessary to permanently secure the lid.


Completed jars on display

Allow the glue to set and you’re done! Carefully shake your new snow globe at first, in case there may be leaks. Enjoy and share your new snow globe!

And that concludes our 12 Days of Christmas series. We hope you enjoyed it. From HomElectrical, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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