12 Days of Christmas: 5 Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper

By Mark Watola on 12/17/2020

If you use gift wrapping paper for the holidays, you will probably have some leftovers laying around. There may be those odd-shaped cuts of gift wrap and of course the unwrapped paper. Usually, it gets thrown away. Why not put it to use in other ways? Those odd-shaped cuts of gift wrap and unwrapped paper usually get thrown away.

Materials Needed:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Optional: pen or pencil


Origami can be crafted with most types of paper. For a more festive feel, use wrapping paper.

Simply use a square template of the desired size origami paper. Trace the template onto the wrapping paper and cut to size.

Or you can fold a corner inward. Cut along the edges to the corner for a square piece of wrapping paper.


This requires a shredder. A strip-cut shredder may require scissors to create more smaller pieces. A cross-cut shredder would make suitable confetti pieces.

Empty out the shredder before you start.

Cut your leftover wrapping paper to the width of a shredder.

Run the gift wrap through the shredder and enjoy your new confetti!



This is another simple DIY project for decorations.

Use your scissors to cut wrapping paper into thin strips. If you have a strip-cut shredder, use this for easy crafting.

Hang larger streamers from the ceiling or wall using painter’s tape, as not to damage the paint. You can even make small streamers to decorate your tree!


You can also use wrapping paper to line bookshelves or drawers.

Match one corner of the wrapping paper to a corner of the surface.

Cut the wrapping paper to fit the space.

For a more precise cut, you can measure the surface and cut the paper according to the measurements.

Use Scotch tape to secure the liner to the surface, as necessary.

Packing Material

This is a more utilitarian method to reuse gift wrap. Just like newspaper, if you need to store or move delicate items, use wrapping paper to provide protection.

Just cut however much wrapping paper you need and ball or wrap it up as necessary.

Those were just a few different uses for gift wrap. Just like any other paper, you are only limited to your imagination! If you have gift wrap laying around, why not put it to use?