Smoke Detector

Don’t wait until after a fire happens to get a smoke detector for your office or home. Our collection of alarms includes units with LED indicators that can notify you of the presence of smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas. These detectors can be hard-wired into the house or you can use a smoke detector battery depending on your preference. Many of our detectors have a long life and a warranty of 7 years. Discover our selection of smoke alarms to protect your home or business safe from possible fire hazards.

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What is the Purpose of a Smoke Detector?

Smoke detectors are meant to warn you of the presence of smoke in your home or office. The smoke could be coming from someone accidentally burning something they were cooking, an appliance overheating, a poorly ventilated active fireplace, or an open fire. The smoke detector acts as an early warning to help you act quickly so that you can remove yourself and your loved ones or colleagues away from the blaze.

The most common cause of death related to fires is smoke inhalation, not the flames themselves. This fact is what makes smoke alarms so important to the safety of any home or other building.

What is the Purpose of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

Carbon monoxide alarms are meant to alert you to the presence of dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide in an area. This could be your home, warehouse, or office space. Most cases of carbon monoxide poisoning happen in the colder months or in cooler climates because a building's HVAC system has the potential to emit enough carbon monoxide to be harmful or even fatal if the system isn't properly monitored and maintained.

How Do I Maintain My Smoke Alarm?

Take steps to care for your smoke alarms like you would any other device in your home. Especially one that you are trusting with the lives of people you love.
  • Press the 'Test' button on the unit to test it on a monthly basis.
  • Whether it was triggered or not, be sure to replace the battery with a new one each year.
  • Every ten years, disposed of the unit and purchase a new one.
Remember: Replacement every ten years means ten years from the date of manufacture noted on the unit (often on the back where the battery goes in). Don't wait until you have owned the unit for ten years to replace it. You could be putting your family and your property at risk.
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