Ropes & Cords

For a full selection of competitively-priced ropes and cords in a variety of lengths and materials, shop with HomElectrical. Our selection includes mono filament polypropylene rope, cotton sash cord, manila rope, and link coil chains. Find the right rope or cord for your project at HomElectrical.

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What are Ropes and Cords used for?

On work sites or construction sites, ropes and cords are frequently used to fasten objects or to secure them in place for transportation. HomElectrical offers a full selection of ropes and cords that are sure to meet your projects requirements.

What are Ropes and Cords made from?

We carry ropes made from mono filament polypropylene, cotton sash, bungee cord, and natural fibers. Our ropes and cords come in lengths ranging from less than 9' to over 1000'. For high-quality, durable ropes and cords at competitive prices, shop with HomElectrical.
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