Rochester Midland

Rochester Midland is a company that has been dedicated to creating healthier and safe work environments. Their naturelle sanitary napkins or tampons come in a box of 250. They are individually wrapped and unscented so they won't offend any customer. Discover our collection of Rochester Midland naturelle sanitary napkins at HomElectrical.

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How should you dispose of sanitary napkins?

Rochester Midland naturelle sanitary napkins are a feminine hygiene product. Each box has 250 napkins ready for use and that are individually wrapped for a sanitary and hygienic use. They have an adhesive that will help them stay in place and prevent leaks from occurring. The best way to dispose of feminine hygiene products is to wrap them in toilet paper, and toss them into a female hygiene waste receptacle.

Where can Rochester Midland Naturelle Sanitary Napkins be used?

Rochester Midland naturelle sanitary napkins can be used in hotels, hospitals, public restrooms, and a variety of other applications. Since they already come individually packaged they can used with a suitable dispenser.

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