Vapor Tight Fixture

If you are looking for a helpful Vapor Tight Fixture that can be used in harsh environments, shop HomElectrical today. Vapor Tight Fixtures use higher energy saving bulbs than traditional CFL bulbs. Many of these fixtures protects from water and dirt, and they can also come with other helpful features such as: having an omni-directional quad element infrared sensor, stainless steel spec grade hasps and clips, and can be dimmable.

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How are vapor tight light fixtures and barn light different?

Vapor Tight Fixtures and Barn Light Fixtures are made to withstand harsh environments. Because of this, they protect the light source from dust, dirt, and moisture. The main difference between the two is the size of the lights.

Barn light fixtures are large outdoor LED light fixtures that replace different wattages of metal halide bulbs. Many barn lights also have photocells so that they provide a smart lighting option by being able to detect movement and will have a longer life.

Vapor tight fixtures are commercial lights. These fixtures often replace CFL bulbs and are ideal for parking garages, corporate campuses, education and storage facilities, car washes, and more.

Are all jelly jars vapor tight fixtures?

Jelly jars are often vapor proof. Jelly jars are normally used to replace incandescent lights and can be mounted to the ceiling or wall to provide an even light. Jelly jars are rated for wet locations and have the same features as vapor tight fixtures such as keeping out dust and bugs. Jelly jars are designed for commercial environments, but they can also be used for scaffolding and construction site lighting, with fire hydrants, and can even be used on porches and in doorways. Though jelly jars can be considered vapor tight fixtures, we classify them as wall/ceiling flush mounted lights.

What protection do vapor tight fixtures give lights?

Vapor tight fixtures are often used in harsh environments because the fixture protects the bulb from water and dirt. Their housing is most often non-corrosive to give the light extra protection. The majority of vapor light fixtures are IP Rated and work well in wet locations. 

Are vapor tight fixtures used internally or externally?

Vapor Tight Fixtures can be used both indoors and outdoors. They easily replace CFL bulbs in places like car washes, airports, tunnels, parking lots, garages, or other maintenance areas. Though they can be used in multiple locations, they are often used outdoors because of their IP Rating and because their outer casing is non-corrosive. These light fixtures are also great for saving energy and have a wide range of operating temperatures that vary between the different vapor tight fixtures.  
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