DIFriday.... Homemade Handwarmer

By Anonymous

Cooler temperatures bring exciting outdoor activities but in order to have a great time while hiking, camping, or playing fall sports, you should make sure to keep your hands warm. You can do this by wearing gloves but also a quick way to warm up your hands is by using hand warmers.

How to make a Rice Sock Hand Warmer

What You Will Need

  • One Sock
  • One Bag of Rice
  • One Sewing Kit


Step One – Put Rice in a Sock

Take a clean sock and fill it with rice. Make sure to leave enough room so you can sew up the sock to keep the rice inside.

Step Two – Sew up the Sock

Sew the rice sock up tightly and make sure it is sealed. This will not only keep the rice inside but it will also help your hand warmer be more efficient and stay warm longer.

Step Three – Put the Rice Sock in the Microwave

The team at HomElectrical recommends that you place your rice sock in the microwave for increments of 30 seconds. Be careful and do not burn yourself.

Reuse It!

One of the best things about this hand warmer is that you can use it multiple times. Some people even recommend that you include lavender or other aromatic herbs and spices in your rice to keep it smelling fresh.