Stelpro SPDH18098W 900W White Mini Patio Door Heater, 208 V

900W White Mini Patio Door Heater, 208 V
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STELPRO 900W White Mini Patio Door Heater, 208 V prevents condensation buildup, creates a curtain of warm air to cover the glass surface, and protects against any cold air from infiltrating. It offers a 3 x 3 profile that allows it to fit at the base of virtually any door or window. Its 900-watt capacity allows for the unit to heat a 90-square-foot area. This unit is manufactured with an 18-gauge steel cabinet that is finished with a durable epoxy-powdercoat. It heats the air using a single tubular, stainless steel sheathed element. Its boxed aluminum fins provide improved heat distribution. It comes with the option of a built-in thermostat and includes a 10-year warranty for the element and 1-year warranty for the other components. It can be surface mounted or wall and floor mounted with a pedestal kit.

This unit is also available in a 347 V, 480 V, and 600 V models for larger area heating and can come in Silica White. Please contact customer service for additional information.

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