13 Days of Halloween: Ghostly Yard Decor!

By Anonymous

As part of our 13 Days of Halloween, we wanted to show you guys how to create awesome packing tape Halloween decorations! They are a lot of fun to make plus it makes your yard or front porch look like it is being haunted.

How to Make Your Own!

Materials You Need

Cling Wrap

Packing Tape

A Construction Partner!

Step One: Start with an Arm

First thing first, wrap your partner’s arm with one layer of cling wrap. This will keep the tape from sticking to his or her arm and help the mannequin keep the intended shape.

Once the arm is wrap, add layers of tape around each arm. Some people may want a thicker mannequin, some people may want a thinner mannequin. It is all a matter of preference.

Once the arm has enough tape, cut the tape and cling wrap CAREFULLY with scissors.

With tape, repair the arm so that is has the original structure. Now you are done with an arm!

Step Two: Torso

Like with the arm, wrap a thin layer of cling wrap around your partner’s torso.

Next, add tape around the torso.

Once the torso is fully taped, carefully cut the torso cast so your partner can take it off easily.

Repair the torso piece with tape. At this point, you can tape the arm you have already created to the torso.

Step Three: The Other Arm

Like you did in step one, create an arm. Follow step one for full details. If you accomplished step one, this step should not be very difficult. Remember to tape the arm onto the torso. It should look like this!

Step Four: Legs

Like with the torso, wrap your bottom and legs in a thin layer of cling wrap.

Once wrapped, take the tape and envelope your partner (and the cling wrap). Then, carefully free your partner from the plastic cocoon. When legs are retaped to the original form, tape the legs to the torso!

Step Five (Optional): Create a head

Use a Styrofoam mannequin head instead of your partner’s! Wrap the head in cling wrap. Tape it up! Then carefully cut the cling wrap and tape to remove the Styrofoam. Tape the head back to the original form and then tape the head onto the torso!

Once they are finished, you can put them in your yard or on your porch for a ghostly effect! Want to make them really stand out? Add LED lights underneath to give them a creepy yet energy efficient glow! It’s a great, spooky Halloween idea to turn your creepy meter up this season!

Do you make ghostly mannequins! How do you make them? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.